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Out of all the things, if ever I could go back in time, I would go back to my childhood. My childhood means so much to me and I easily get swayed with songs that remind me of it. Those were the best times, where everything felt nice and I was extremely carefree. So I'm gonna go to a trip down memory lane, here are the top 10 songs from my childhood:

1. Baad - Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai (Slam Dunk Opening)
Gosh.. just hearing this song again gives me the urge to cry. Slam Dunk will always be my childhood. Those early Saturday mornings where I'd wake up early just to watch this, then sing my heart out, my grandmother always nagging me to have my breakfast first before I watch. Then after watching I'd go out and play with my friends. I miss it so much.

2. Matsuko Mawatari Hohoemi No Bakudan (Ghost Fighter Opening)
Ghost Fighter goes hand in hand with Slam Dunk. These were the morning cartoons way before on local channel 7 (along with Dragon Ball, Shaider, Hunter X Hunter and Voltes V) that I remember. I really really miss these classics.

3. Keno - Ohayou (Hunter X Hunter Opening)
Hunter X Hunter was the shit. I swear, I just get filled with so much happiness whenever I hear this song or even just watch an episode or two from the original first season.. just, legit tears. I remember having a big crush on Killua as well!

4. Phil Collins - Two Worlds, One Family (Tarzan Opening)
Tarzan is probably the movie I remember the most from my childhood. Whenever I hear any song from it, I immediately get goosebumps. But nothing beats this song. I remember how I used to snuggle up in my grandfather's arms while watching, and I'd always sing along to this.

5. Phil Collins - Son of Man (Tarzan)
I really, really miss Phil Collins singing for Disney. No one could sing Disney's songs as genuine and as passionate as he does. Here's another song from Tarzan. While listening to this, I get so much chills. Tarzan was actually my first childhood crush, and I remember how I used to walk around the house like he does. Good times.

6. Jodi Benson ft. Cast - Down to the Sea (The Little Mermaid 2 Opening)
Too bad I never really grew up watching the original mermaid, I grew up with the sequel. I was always confused when I watched this, and I only got to watch the original a few years later, around elementary school. This was the first Disney film I've ever watched and remember watching (I remember watching it so much times, even with my friends way back when I was 3 or 4) but it's third because I feel much closer to Tarzan, as I remember most of the things since I was a wee bit older (around 6 or 7).

7. Melissa Lyons/Julie Stevens - Free (Barbie as Princess and the Pauper)
I'm not embarassed that I grew up with the first four Barbie movies (Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Rapunzel and this one). The Barbie movies back then we're really nice and inspirational, and the songs are really nice. Now the Barbie movies are just blech. Actually, all the songs in this movie gives me flashbacks (I am proud that I still know all the words to all the songs by heart), and I even remember singing this with my friend back in Music class.

8. Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter)
Come on, you all saw this coming. Everyone my age has to have this song in their own lists. Do I even have to elaborate? Harry Potter is already a classic.. and forever will be. Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead. I remember watching all the movies and reading all the books, listing all the spells and what they do.. I even remember playing pretend Quidditch with my friends. 

9. Randy Newman - You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)
Toy Story! This seemed to be everyone's childhood. My grandpa got me all the dolls (Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye) and I put my name under their shoes just like Andy did. I strongly believed that my toys really came alive when I wasn't looking, so I took care of them really well. Toy Story 3 made me cry so much, because that's what how I was to my old toys when I started to grow up.

10. Baby Looney Tunes - Opening Song
I was having troubles choosing my 10th one, but this is definitely it. I loved this show so much, I used to wake up extra early for it! I remember watching this with my grandma (which is now living in New Jersey) when I was young while drinking milk from my bottle.

Are you guys still with me? I hope you enjoyed walking down my own childhood memory lane, and I hoped you had a memory lane yourself too. Until next time!


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