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As you guys know, I am a proud member of the K-Pop fandom, and usually being in it, I read fanfiction. I am very choosy about the fics I read, and usually a perfect rainy day for me would be sipping hot chocolate while reading amazing fanfiction. Warning though, all of them are yaoi (boyxboy) and some contain mature themes such as sex, drugs, violence, suicidal imagery, etc. as I am quite a fan of fanfics with these themes. Here are some recommendations under the cut.


Les Miserables {Yunjae; NC-17}
In which Jaejoong is a vampire and Yunho was supposed to be his victim. The writing is absolutely a-ma-zing. This is one of the first fics I've ever read and still continues to be my favorite upto this day.

THIS FIC. THIS. FIC. I love this fic so much, partly because I can relate to Jongin's character! Prepare a few tissues as well, as it tackles suicidal thoughts/depression.

Arbitrage {KaiSoo; NC-17}
Screams at time travelling/street racing KaiSoo. Sad ending though, but be prepared for the ride all throughout the story. You might have to read it once or twice to get the ending, but it's so worth it.

Anterograde Tomorrow {KaiSoo; R}
................................................................................ just, please.. read it. I'm crying just reading the title. ; ;

Our Way Home {KaiSoo; PG}
Jongin as Kyungsoo's childhood teddy bear. Really, really sad.. and you'll feel so much sympathy for Jongin. Worth a read.

你蛋疼不 {HunHan, KyungHo, BaekYeol, TaoRis, ChenMin; PG-13}
Extremely recommended. If you're a Filipino, you will have so much fun with this. An AU where EXO members study in the Big 4 (UP, Ateneo, UST and DLSU). Prepare tissues-- because you'll be crying out of laughter.

Purely crack, where Sungjong puts a ring on a statue because he likes it. Another classic, in my opinion. Crack fics are always nice.

Absolute Chanyeol {BaekYeol; PG}
Part of the EXO classics along with Arbitrage, Anterograde Tomorrow and 48 Hours. Sadly the author (leadernim) deleted it from her LJ, but you might find a PDF somewhere. In which Baekhyun buys a robot boyfriend (Chanyeol). "Baekhyun, you're leaking! ; ;"

48 Hours {KrisLay; NC-17/Rated}
Written by 辛辛息息 and originally written in Chinese, and they say the way it was written in the original Chinese was beautiful. It's so sad I can't read Chinese, so I had to settle for the english translation. It was still as haunting in English. EXO gets kidnapped and is forced to kill each other until only one remains. Again, you can find the PDF off somewhere if you search.


Quintessence {WooSoo; PG-13}
Woohyun is a doctor and Myungsoo becomes his patient. This is definitely as must-read. I can't explain everything, just read it. Have a few tissues ready.

number seventy eight {WooSoo; PG-13}
Myungsoo is inlove with his childhood bestfriend, Woohyun. Cute fic.

C43H66N12O12S2 {WooGyu; PG-13}
Where Woohyun is incapable of love, and Sunggyu helps him figure it out. Very, very cute, especially if you're fond of Chemistry.. haha. I rarely read WooGyu (because it's not really my ship), but this one is really nice.

Joonmyun likes talking to the moon, and one day, someone answers back. KaixSuho is my guilty pleasure.. and I can honestly say I'm starting to ship it more than KaiSoo. This fic is so beautifully written, though I really need to stop reading angst because it's making me sad! ; ;

Nirvana {LuKai; PG}
Another one of my favorites! Though I was a bit skeptical as I don't really read from AFF, this fic blew me away. Once again, it's angst, and Luhan is younger than Jongin. Beautiful fic.

Tired and Uninspired {WooSoo; NC-17; SMUT}
Woohyun is writing a novel and needs inspiration. Myungsoo tries to give him some. Porn with plot, sort of. Nonetheless it's a nicely written fic, and because I just freak whenever I see a nice WooSoo fic because there's so few of them.

(all i wanna see you in is just) skin {Kai/Everyone; NC-17; SMUT}
Smut with plot.. kinda. Everyone bangs Kai. Who doesn't wanna bang Kai, to be honest?

These are most of my favorite fics. I'll continue adding to this list. I hope you enjoy!


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