Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Things That Annoy Me About Most Filipino Kpop Fans | 0 comment(s)

Hello once again, citizens of Blogspot (?).. or not. As if people read this.
I haven't posted in a while because I'm so fucking lazy and I don't really know what to write about so--

I just feel like ranting today because weather's shitty and my mood is shitty. Yeah.
As you people know, I've been a fan of Korean Pop music (...) for about 6 years now? I think. Almost 6 years and I've noticed some things about Filipino Kpop fans that annoy the fuck out of me. Note that this is just what I observe and these are my opinions, I am no way generalizing the whole local fandom. 

1. Asian Dick Chasing. Damnit, this is number one because-- ugh. How do I start with this.. Okay, let's look at it this way: KPop fan sees Korean/Japanese guy. KPop fan freaks out and tries to befriend him. KPop fan blabs about liking Korean music and culture. Ugh, you get what I mean? They're chasing his "dick" just because he's Korean/Japanese. Girl starts calling him "Oppa" or other Korean honorifics and it's so fucking annoying because they fucking think that all Korean/Japanese guys are the same as to the Korean/Japanese guys they see on TV. NO-- just, no. Stop, you're embarassing yourself.

2. "Oppa! Unni!" or using Korean honorifics for non-korean people. This pisses me off as well. Now I'm not gonna lie-- I do it too, but this is because I actually study the language, and I only do it to certain people! I'm especially annoyed with the overuse of "Oppa" (which means older brother, can also be used for boyriend purposes). Just because that he's older than you, and you're both kpop fans, you can't actually call him Oppa because it requires a certain level of closeness. You don't decide whether you get to call them Oppa or Unni, they do.

 3. Fandom jokes are only for inside the fandom. Hence why they are called Fandom jokes, guys. You don't go up to someone else and just start spouting out shit that that person doesn't really care about. You don't squeal when you hear Bacon because it reminds you of EXO K's Baekhyun and you don't spazz when somebody says L because I'm pretty sure that that person is talking about the anime, not Myungsoo. It's just pretty embarassing, and to my point of view, makes you look stupid to non-Kpop fans.

4.OPPA IS MINE! aka claiming of biases. Your bias is not, I repeat, not yours. Instead of being an immature, competitive and selfish bitch, why not be happy that there's other people that like your bias as well, and you can go spazz with them? You might even gain a new friend.

5. Trollfeeding. Okay, I know K-Pop is kind of discriminated locally, and some people tend to pick on us fans or tease us because of liking K-Pop. Most fans, instead of just ignoring the claim, tend to fight back and defend their sides. This isn't bad, but what's bad is that they get really angry and resort to bashing, therefore causing a quarrel. Seriously, if you don't like it, why are you gonna care?

That's it, I think? I might add more, but that's basically what ticks me off.
Until next time.

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